September 2016

My relatives,

A Vision of a Sundance of Women has been revealed:

She dances around the Sacred Tree- women of all nations, skin colours and practices. Her sacrifice brings forth a great outpouring of LOVE – a renewed way of walking upon the Earth. The human nation’s way of living has caused a great blanket of suffering over all of life on Mother Earth. This way must change.

Now is the time for women to take over the leadership roles. When they do, the men are to support them. Call out to the Spirits of missing and murdered women to dance with you. In doing so, their families will find peace, a knowing of where their loved one is and the Spirits of our Stolen Sisters will take their rightful Sacred Place.

Guided by the commitment of 12 grandmothers, this Vision becomes the Sundance of Women, an act of Love.

This is what I have been told and shown. We will dance on sacred land for four days for four years 2017 – 2020. We reach out across the nation to find those who were meant to participate in this great Ceremony. We need women to dance, men to dance one warrior round, supporters of many kinds and the families of missing and murdered women to feel welcome and join us.

There is much work to do in preparation. Together, following sacred instructions and the immense power of love, our Sundance will bring goodness to all.

To learn more, please email us at link to open email browser here.

Mitakuye owas.

Much love,
Pahan Pte San Win