Two women who had never met and who were living in different places across the nation had a very similar dream.
“The people walk in the shadow of a great thunderbird towards the Sundance. Many carry banners.”

We invite you to create a banner that will be carried in a march to the Sundance grounds each year from 2017 – 2020. Afterwards it will be hung along the dancers rest area fence.

Banner Specifics:

7’ high X 10’ across with grommets on all sides, waterproof paint, can be painted on one or both sides. Themes: thunderbird, women, Love, Grandmothers, #MMIWG. Deadline, July 31st by mail or bring to the Sundance site on Tree day.
*Please include a photo of you with the banner, your names or group name. Photos may be included on this website.

Scrolling photos of banners